Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Valentine Out of the Box Sample Box is Here!!


I just received my February Valentine's Sampler Box from Out of the Box!! WOW! The box was overflowing again!! Love it!! :D

Here's a list of all the goodies I received this month!!

Two pieces of sea salt Caramels from Karen and Nancy Homemade Goodies! ( Brandan reports that these were delicioso!! :D

A Dark Chocolate Truffle, Formed Heart Black Tea Sample and a Chocolate Decadence soap sample from SBS Teas! ( I ate the truffle!! The truffle was sooooo yummy-licious!!!

A cute little take-out box filled with Peanut Butter Cup Scented Wax tarts from Ugly Duckling Designs! (

Pet Treats from! (
Bingsley would like to report that these are ruffalicious! lol He came back for more but I'm saving them for treats!! :D

A gorgeous heart Sugar Cookie from Primitive Baking Inc.! ( This was really tasty!!

A cute little Chocolate Covered Pretzel from!
Brandan ate this and asked if I had more. LOL

The cutest little take-out box filled with two fortune cookies and a homemade chocolate covered cherry (which was FABULOUS!!). I don't know who the maker is though. There was no card or label. I haven't tried the fortune cookie yet so maybe the info is in there. ;) I'll update after I eat them. LOL Okies, I ate a cookie and the sample is from Vintage Confections and the cookie was super good!! Brandan is chomping the other one! rofl

Cute little valentines baggie with Homemade Laundry Soap (Fresh Laundry Scent), Mini Heart Glycerin Soap (in Girls Night Out scent) and a little baggie of Aroma Beads in Macintosh Apple Scent from Willow Lake Scents!

A pretty pink shea butter soap bar in Honeysuckle strawberry scent from Solkat Soap Company!

Mini heart chunk soap from Magick Moon Soapwurks!

4 pack of Soy Tarts (Butterfly Kisses and Lavender and Herbs scent) from Deborah's Candle Magick!

Cute little package of mini samples of shea butter vegan lotion (cherry blossom), shea butter soap (EO Jasmine) and shea butter fizzy bonbon (Coconut) from Got Wick?

Lavender Bath Salts from!

Two tealight candles (Chocolate and Raspberry Lemon Cheesecake scent) from Body Scentuality!

A Lemon Lollipop and a Perfume Sample from Seattle Scents!
Sample smells great and Remy stole the lollie! lol

A Cupcake Bath bomb from Fizzy Bubbles!

A cute triple stack of cupcakes scrapbooking paper cutout from

And last but definitely not least a sweet little laminated bookmark from Melt My Heart!!

There are lots of coupon codes included from these etailers as well!!

I'm so behind though as I haven't even gotten through my January samples to give reviews. lol

All I know is that if you haven't tried one of these boxes yet you really must!!


Anonymous said...

YAY!!! You didnt get a sample from me tho 80)

Cloudy said...

Of course I didn't get one again....:*( You'll just have to send me one yourself. :P
Did you get a box this month??

I'm totally loving these for sure!! It's like I feel sooo spoiled opening those boxes. :)

Anonymous said...

its a conspiracy!! aha I will have too mama. and yes i did i plan to buy one every month whether I am in there or not woot. Yes you feel soo spoiled tehehe