Thursday, January 29, 2009

My First Out of the Box Sampler is Here!!

What an awesome surprise I got in the mail today... :) I ordered the January Sampler Box from I asked Michelle if she could hold shipment on my box since we were moving out of state and I didn't want it sitting outside. I emailed earlier this week to let her know I was all settled in and ready for my box and it arrived today!! YAY!!

First off I was totally surprised at how big the box was!! And heavy too! I opened it and it was overflowing with goodies...LITERALLY!! There was a huge container candle in there!! WOW!!

So here's a list of everything I received (in no particular order):

HUGE container candle from K and T Creations in Country Kitchen scent! Yum!!
I decided to put this big baby in my kitchen on my stove. It's only fitting since it's scent is Country Kitchen, right?! :P
On the cold sniff it's really nice! I trimmed the wick and lit it earlier this AM. It's doing well so far and giving me a nice spicy kitchen scent. It's a bit chilly today so seems like a good choice.
I'm still super shocked that a container candle this big was in my sampler!! It's totally awesome!!
UPDATE!!! The candle burned for an hour or so and then started smelling like fuel and I got a mushroom looking top so I blew it out and put it in a jar warmer where it is now doing wonderfully!!

Palm Votive candle from Sephyrus in Spring Rain scent!

Bath Salts from Divine Serenity Salts in Sweet Pea and Jasmine scent!

Peanut Butter Blossom Cookie Melt from Blue Rose Candles!
I was seriously hoping that I'd be able to eat this one! LOL It smells edible and looks sooooo good!! Nope, can't eat it so I'll just have to melt it and stick my nose in the scent!! :P
I put this one in the wall burner in Brandan's bathroom! It's smelling peanut buttery-rific in the hallway to his bedroom!!

6 Cookies from Laura Lee's Tasty Treats! 3 Grammy's Snickerdoodles and 3 Chewy Chocolate Chip! These were DELICIOUS!! Didn't last long between the two boys and me! lol

Finicky Feline Catnip Treats from Lucky Dog Treat Company LLC!
Alas there's no felines in this house so I've sent this off to an online friend. I'll have to see what she says about the treats! :)

A paper bookmark and magnet clip from Once Scrappy Chic!
The bookmark works perfectly in my bank book and the clip is keeping tiny fingers out of a big bag of Cheetos Puffs!! :P

A Kitty toy from Colorado Catnip Toys!
Again, no kitty here so it's been given away. It was as cute as can be and I could smell the catnip too!

Bath Salts Ice from Scentimentally You!

Soap Slice from Coco Savon in Grandpa's Garden scent!

Popsicle tart from Ugly Duckling Designs in Orange Dreamsicle scent!
This is doing well in my Master Bathroom right now!! I broke off half of it for the tiny tealight burner.

Tart from Anam Cara in Daffodil scent!

Soap Slice from Magick Moon Soap Wurks in Lavender Rose Cream scent!

Sugar and Shea Lip Scrub from Willow Lake Scents in Honey Orange Flavor!
This was great!! The scent was super yummy and the application left my lips feeling smooth and kissable. :)

Goat's Milk and Honey Body Lotion from Southern Charm Soap Co in Egg Nog scent!
I slathered this on my feet and put on some fuzzy socks for overnight and woke up with smooth feet!! :) Great scent too!

Prim Fixins Potpourri from Strawberry Fields Candles and Gifts in Mulberry Wine scent!
I LOVE this sccent!! I found a little dish and set this out on my entertainment center and it smells really great and is pretty to look at as well!!

Two BIG Palm tarts from M-D Candles in Blueberry Cheesecake and Orange Dreamcycle!

and last but not least...

a Soy Massage Oil Candle from Soy Massage Oil Candles in yummy Georgia peach scent!!

I can't believe all the goodies that were in this box!! it's unreal! I can't wait to start sampling everything!

If you are on the fence about trying out a sampler from OotBS definitely get one next month!! It's a nice treat for sure!!


Anonymous said...

YAY!! Isnt it wonderful! I have mine still in the main box it came out of and all I have to do is go near it and bam on the wonderful aromas that flow out of it lol!! I cannot wait till Febs!!