Saturday, January 3, 2009

More Fun Soaps from MollyCoddle

These are a little different then the doughnut soaps I featured below so they get their own listing here on the Chaos Blog. LOL

Okay....first up is this totally true to life hot dog soap!
This one looks so real it's kind of freaky. lol

The bun is scented with baked bread and the weiner is scented in Bay Rum.

Etsy :: MollycoddleSoap :: Hot dog and bun soap

Next is this amusing set of FALSE TEETH!!! ROFL

I need to get a set of these to put in the guest bathroom when the in laws come over!!

I get the feeling they already think I'm a bit off and this would be just too damn funny!! LOL

Etsy :: MollycoddleSoap :: Are them my dentures - soap

And I saved my favorite for last.....

Sugar Skull Soap Set scented in Mayan Gold!

These are beautiful!!

The etailer handpaints each one individually so they are all one of a kind!!

Etsy :: MollycoddleSoap :: Sugar Skull Soap Set


WillowLakeScents said...

Come on over to my blog & check out your award !

Cloudy said...

Thanks so much for the award!! :) So cool!!

Misadventurous Mommy said...

These are so cute! Great post.

Anonymous said...

okay i so could not ever use them cuz they are soo cute!