Monday, January 5, 2009

Ten Reasons I Can't Sleep at Night.....

Yes, I have insomnia.......

Yes, it's 4 minutes after 4 in the morning....

Yes, I know normal people are usually sound asleep at this time!!!

No, I didn't wake up early!! BOO!!! :(

Now, let's see.......

Ten- count 'em- 10 Reasons I can't Sleep!!

#1: Snoring Husband
#2: Husband getting up to pee too many times
#3: Lower back pain cause by the endo cysts on my ovaries
#4: Insomnia caused by stress
#5: Stress caused by uncertainty of future
#6: Did I mention the snoring husband who also gets up to pee too much??
#7: Back spasms cause by the fibro and RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis)
#8: Backlight too bright on Husband's digital clock
#9: Can't get comfy at all
#10: Did I mention the snoring thing already??

And yes I know you're thinking she must be a hypochondriac or something!!! Yes, I have fibro and RA. Have been having those two friends for about ten years now. I know I'm only 32 and it sucks!

Yes, I have endometriosis and endometriomas (cysts) on my ovaries!

No! I'm not faking!!

Gotta love my genes as my Mother and Grandmother have/had all of this too. :(

I would like nothing more than to be a normal person just for ONE full 24 hours and get a good night's sleep at normal times people should be sleeping!!

I haven't lived in San Diego in over two years now and I swear my body still runs on Pacific Standard Time!! LOL

It's 4AM and everyone in the house is asleep..... Think old Azul the fish is even asleep....

What am I doing?!?!?!

Why I've lit a candle melt (Vanilla Bean and Cinnamon from Mookie Doodle Scent Shoppe ::cough shameless plug cough::) and am sitting here bored out of my mind and wishing I could just sleep!!

Where's Mr. Sandman when ya need him?!?!?!


WillowLakeScents said...

I hear ya on the snoring hubby ! He is the reason I'm up most of the night or I end up on the couch from sheer exhaustion ! I've been having back spasms lately too ~ that sucks~ my mom has fibro (is it hereditary?) ughhh... I don't need anything else to worry about...

Anonymous said...

Darn DH's, Mine snores horribly as well!!! ((huggs))

TY for the comment on my blog about my cards! and I am in the jan box! I wanted to sign up for Febs but have too much going on to join it I am hoping to join in on Mar or April's tho!