Monday, January 5, 2009

Oh For the Love of Fluff!!

I'm a cloth diapering Mama and it was time to update the little guy's Large stash! I can make my own diapers but didn't feel like it for this particular type of diaper I was looking for so I went to my friend Regina's trendy little cloth diaper boutique and hit the sale section!

After an hour or more of my pesky questions (thank you Regina) I finally made my choices!!

I picked the ABC wrap, Thirsties Cover and some new to me Knickernappies pockets, Blueberry AIO with Organic Velour (oooooooh....aaaaaaah) and a Thirsties AIO.

Some items needed to be drop shipped and they came super fast!

I'm trying to get a pic of all of my dipes that I ordered but I can never get them all clean at one time to take a pic. LOL

So I'm using the stock pics from the site. :P

So, I'll just start by saying that I love almost everything that I purchased!! I'll get the one I don't care for out of the way first! ;)

The one Size Wonderoos One Size Pocket diaper is definitely not going to be a favorite. It has major front panel droop and I can't get a good fitting size setting on the Doodle to save my life. Sometimes one size diapers aren't too good for us here.

Everything else is BEYOND awesome!!

The Thirsties V2 AI2 (all in two) are really great! They are stuffable and super sweet for road trips and night time use!!
Thirsties has these awesome leg gussets that contain messes and insure no leaks.

The Swaddlebees ABC wrap is one of my favorite covers by far!! It's a solid PUL cover that enables the user to wipe clean and re-use a few times before needing a washing.

Same for the Thirsties Cover!!

I LOVE the Blueberry AIO!!!
It's a moo moo print for one and I love me some moo moos. LOL and then the stuffing is thick and you can add even more stuffing in the handy pocket!!
Can't ask for more!

We got the front hook and loop style!

Also I got a couple of Knickernappies pockets and these are really great as well!! I can stuff them to my heart's content and I haven't had a leak so far!!

Regina offers competative pricing and has frequent sales!!
If you are in the market for new fluff definitely check out Babee Rockz for all your cloth diapering needs!! :D