Friday, January 16, 2009

January's Out of the Box Sampler is On Sale NOW!!!

The out of the box sampler is on sale NOW!!

I ordered mine. Have you ordered yours yet?
If not... What are you waiting for?

Sampler Box - Out Of The Box Sampler
Go NOW and get yours before they sell out!!

This is my first time purchasing one myself. I've wanted to before but with DH out of work I couldn't sneak that one past him. lol

I participated in the December box and hope to participate again once we get settled in the new place.

I've steered my friends to Michelle's site and they've purchased and have been pleasantly pleased so I was excited to finally get to order my very own!!
One of my online friends (Olenka) is participating in this box. She owns Memories by Olenka ( and makes some beautiful scrapbooking items! Can't wait to see what she has in this month's box!!

Other contributors this month are:
Passion Moon Potions
Scentimentally You
Willow Lake Scents
Blue Rose Candle Company
Dazzle Dots
Sweet Texas Scents
Strawberry Fields Candles
Lucky Dog
Gassner Custom Soaps
Sweet Ambs
Forest Nymph
K and T Creations
Spooky Girl Bath and Body
One Scrappy Chic
The Muddy Moose Bath Boutique
and MANY MORE!!!!

You are sure to find lots of new favorite etailers from this awesome sample box!!
So again....what are you waiting for? ;P


WillowLakeScents said...

You're Gonna LOVE your box !! I am so totally addicted now ~ I was up at the crack of dawn to order mine (BEFORE i even had coffee). I had nightmares last night that the boxes would all be sold out by the time I tried to order mine ~ LMAO. I wonder if they have a 12 step (or however many steps it is)program for Out of the Box Sampler addiction?? Let me know when you're shop is back up!

Anonymous said...

Gurl I want to get it but have been wondering since I participated if it would be weird lol But I so want to sample some of those awesome stores that participated lol. I didnt send in as much as I wanted (only 40) but hopefully you get one 80).. Okay off to her site to see if there is any left lol.
And thank you my sweet online friend for pluggin my site 80) ((huggs))

Anonymous said...

BTW so gonna steal what you wrote and put this on my blog hope thats okay lol I am so not original enough to come up wth something on my own rofl

Cloudy said...

LOL Go ahead and Copy and paste. No worries. :)

Did you buy a box yet? Go ahead and get one. Doesn't matter if you get one of your own samples. lol

I asked Michelle to hold mine until after I move so I have to wait an extra week before I get it. waaaaah LOL Better to wait than to have it MIA in USPS land. lol

Cloudy said...

Too funny Heather!! lol I'm excited to try the box finally. Everyone who I've refered over there has been pleased and reordered again.

I'll let you know when I reopen. :)

Anonymous said...

yes I got one woot soo cannot wait and I plan to blog about all the samples lol SOOO Cannot wait! Im all giddy lol and thanks for letting me steal 80)