Monday, May 18, 2009

What's on the Menu! May 18th

Breakfast: Egg beater and mushroom scramble open faced on a slice of whole wheat toast. Bottle of water and my morning vitamins.

Snack: Dried cranberries, sesame sticks and a few raw almonds. Bottle of water with mid-day vites.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Valentine Out of the Box Sample Box is Here!!


I just received my February Valentine's Sampler Box from Out of the Box!! WOW! The box was overflowing again!! Love it!! :D

Here's a list of all the goodies I received this month!!

Two pieces of sea salt Caramels from Karen and Nancy Homemade Goodies! ( Brandan reports that these were delicioso!! :D

A Dark Chocolate Truffle, Formed Heart Black Tea Sample and a Chocolate Decadence soap sample from SBS Teas! ( I ate the truffle!! The truffle was sooooo yummy-licious!!!

A cute little take-out box filled with Peanut Butter Cup Scented Wax tarts from Ugly Duckling Designs! (

Pet Treats from! (
Bingsley would like to report that these are ruffalicious! lol He came back for more but I'm saving them for treats!! :D

A gorgeous heart Sugar Cookie from Primitive Baking Inc.! ( This was really tasty!!

A cute little Chocolate Covered Pretzel from!
Brandan ate this and asked if I had more. LOL

The cutest little take-out box filled with two fortune cookies and a homemade chocolate covered cherry (which was FABULOUS!!). I don't know who the maker is though. There was no card or label. I haven't tried the fortune cookie yet so maybe the info is in there. ;) I'll update after I eat them. LOL Okies, I ate a cookie and the sample is from Vintage Confections and the cookie was super good!! Brandan is chomping the other one! rofl

Cute little valentines baggie with Homemade Laundry Soap (Fresh Laundry Scent), Mini Heart Glycerin Soap (in Girls Night Out scent) and a little baggie of Aroma Beads in Macintosh Apple Scent from Willow Lake Scents!

A pretty pink shea butter soap bar in Honeysuckle strawberry scent from Solkat Soap Company!

Mini heart chunk soap from Magick Moon Soapwurks!

4 pack of Soy Tarts (Butterfly Kisses and Lavender and Herbs scent) from Deborah's Candle Magick!

Cute little package of mini samples of shea butter vegan lotion (cherry blossom), shea butter soap (EO Jasmine) and shea butter fizzy bonbon (Coconut) from Got Wick?

Lavender Bath Salts from!

Two tealight candles (Chocolate and Raspberry Lemon Cheesecake scent) from Body Scentuality!

A Lemon Lollipop and a Perfume Sample from Seattle Scents!
Sample smells great and Remy stole the lollie! lol

A Cupcake Bath bomb from Fizzy Bubbles!

A cute triple stack of cupcakes scrapbooking paper cutout from

And last but definitely not least a sweet little laminated bookmark from Melt My Heart!!

There are lots of coupon codes included from these etailers as well!!

I'm so behind though as I haven't even gotten through my January samples to give reviews. lol

All I know is that if you haven't tried one of these boxes yet you really must!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

My First Out of the Box Sampler is Here!!

What an awesome surprise I got in the mail today... :) I ordered the January Sampler Box from I asked Michelle if she could hold shipment on my box since we were moving out of state and I didn't want it sitting outside. I emailed earlier this week to let her know I was all settled in and ready for my box and it arrived today!! YAY!!

First off I was totally surprised at how big the box was!! And heavy too! I opened it and it was overflowing with goodies...LITERALLY!! There was a huge container candle in there!! WOW!!

So here's a list of everything I received (in no particular order):

HUGE container candle from K and T Creations in Country Kitchen scent! Yum!!
I decided to put this big baby in my kitchen on my stove. It's only fitting since it's scent is Country Kitchen, right?! :P
On the cold sniff it's really nice! I trimmed the wick and lit it earlier this AM. It's doing well so far and giving me a nice spicy kitchen scent. It's a bit chilly today so seems like a good choice.
I'm still super shocked that a container candle this big was in my sampler!! It's totally awesome!!
UPDATE!!! The candle burned for an hour or so and then started smelling like fuel and I got a mushroom looking top so I blew it out and put it in a jar warmer where it is now doing wonderfully!!

Palm Votive candle from Sephyrus in Spring Rain scent!

Bath Salts from Divine Serenity Salts in Sweet Pea and Jasmine scent!

Peanut Butter Blossom Cookie Melt from Blue Rose Candles!
I was seriously hoping that I'd be able to eat this one! LOL It smells edible and looks sooooo good!! Nope, can't eat it so I'll just have to melt it and stick my nose in the scent!! :P
I put this one in the wall burner in Brandan's bathroom! It's smelling peanut buttery-rific in the hallway to his bedroom!!

6 Cookies from Laura Lee's Tasty Treats! 3 Grammy's Snickerdoodles and 3 Chewy Chocolate Chip! These were DELICIOUS!! Didn't last long between the two boys and me! lol

Finicky Feline Catnip Treats from Lucky Dog Treat Company LLC!
Alas there's no felines in this house so I've sent this off to an online friend. I'll have to see what she says about the treats! :)

A paper bookmark and magnet clip from Once Scrappy Chic!
The bookmark works perfectly in my bank book and the clip is keeping tiny fingers out of a big bag of Cheetos Puffs!! :P

A Kitty toy from Colorado Catnip Toys!
Again, no kitty here so it's been given away. It was as cute as can be and I could smell the catnip too!

Bath Salts Ice from Scentimentally You!

Soap Slice from Coco Savon in Grandpa's Garden scent!

Popsicle tart from Ugly Duckling Designs in Orange Dreamsicle scent!
This is doing well in my Master Bathroom right now!! I broke off half of it for the tiny tealight burner.

Tart from Anam Cara in Daffodil scent!

Soap Slice from Magick Moon Soap Wurks in Lavender Rose Cream scent!

Sugar and Shea Lip Scrub from Willow Lake Scents in Honey Orange Flavor!
This was great!! The scent was super yummy and the application left my lips feeling smooth and kissable. :)

Goat's Milk and Honey Body Lotion from Southern Charm Soap Co in Egg Nog scent!
I slathered this on my feet and put on some fuzzy socks for overnight and woke up with smooth feet!! :) Great scent too!

Prim Fixins Potpourri from Strawberry Fields Candles and Gifts in Mulberry Wine scent!
I LOVE this sccent!! I found a little dish and set this out on my entertainment center and it smells really great and is pretty to look at as well!!

Two BIG Palm tarts from M-D Candles in Blueberry Cheesecake and Orange Dreamcycle!

and last but not least...

a Soy Massage Oil Candle from Soy Massage Oil Candles in yummy Georgia peach scent!!

I can't believe all the goodies that were in this box!! it's unreal! I can't wait to start sampling everything!

If you are on the fence about trying out a sampler from OotBS definitely get one next month!! It's a nice treat for sure!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

January's Out of the Box Sampler is On Sale NOW!!!

The out of the box sampler is on sale NOW!!

I ordered mine. Have you ordered yours yet?
If not... What are you waiting for?

Sampler Box - Out Of The Box Sampler
Go NOW and get yours before they sell out!!

This is my first time purchasing one myself. I've wanted to before but with DH out of work I couldn't sneak that one past him. lol

I participated in the December box and hope to participate again once we get settled in the new place.

I've steered my friends to Michelle's site and they've purchased and have been pleasantly pleased so I was excited to finally get to order my very own!!
One of my online friends (Olenka) is participating in this box. She owns Memories by Olenka ( and makes some beautiful scrapbooking items! Can't wait to see what she has in this month's box!!

Other contributors this month are:
Passion Moon Potions
Scentimentally You
Willow Lake Scents
Blue Rose Candle Company
Dazzle Dots
Sweet Texas Scents
Strawberry Fields Candles
Lucky Dog
Gassner Custom Soaps
Sweet Ambs
Forest Nymph
K and T Creations
Spooky Girl Bath and Body
One Scrappy Chic
The Muddy Moose Bath Boutique
and MANY MORE!!!!

You are sure to find lots of new favorite etailers from this awesome sample box!!
So again....what are you waiting for? ;P

A Cozy Moments Review!!

Aaaaaah.....Love! :)

I'm a bath and body addict and one of my absolute favorite places to order from is Cozy Moments found on Etsy!!

I've ordered numerous times over the past year or more and I've NEVER been disappointed in anything I've tried!!

And let's not mention the downright awesome SNS sales Michelle has on Saturday nights!!

I recently ordered and Michelle snuck in a little sample of Pink Sugar Noel body butter and I fell in love with yet another CM scent so I had to turn around and order again during the next SNS. ;)

This time I tried a few new products as well!
And wouldn't you know with the samples I got I found another scent to add to my fave list... Thanks Michelle! :P

First up.....

Pink Sugar Noel Beautiful Body Butter
Etsy :: Pink Sugar Noel Beautiful Body Butter - with Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Jojoba Oil, and Japanese Green Tea Extract - ...

This stuff is addicting and the scent is phenomenal!
Michelle use to have a Decadent Body Butter and I really loved that formulation and was happy to try the newer one. The only difference I can really tell is that the new one feels a tad bit more silkier on the skin.

The Pink Sugar Noel scent is a mix of the Aquolina PS and Bath and Body Works VBN.
The combo works!! Smells awesome!!

Next up....

Leave-In Condtioner in Falling in Love Scent

Etsy :: Falling In Love (Philosophy Type) LEAVE-IN Hair Conditioner - with Shea Butter and Avocado Oil (5 oz)

First off...I love the Philosophy scent Falling in Love! It's one of my new favorites. I first fell in love with the scent when an online friend sent me a roll-on from CM as a gift (Thanks Janet)!!

From there I had to find the fragrance oil for myself it was just that good!
The scent is a light sweetish scent that just screams girly/feminine.

The leave in conditioner is pretty good!
It has shea butter and avocado oil added to it.

I have thick, unruly curly hair and this is nice to add after shampooing for added oomph. lol
The directions state to apply to towel dried hair and to comb through with fingertips or a comb to coat the hair from scalp to tips.

The scent lingers for a little while and my hair stays shiny and a little less frizzy.

Next... Girly Pampering Gift Set

I LOVE this set!!
This is a handy 2oz size body butter that I can easily stow away in my purse for travel!!
I am also a roll-on addict and this one is a great addition to my collection!

The scent is Pink Cotton Candy Bubblegum and it's fabulously fun!
It's another great Pink Sugar blend that is sure to please!!

And my final purchase...

Pink Copy Cat Puffs Body Splash

Etsy :: Pink Copy Cat Puffs scented Refreshing Body Splash - Perfect Purse and Travel Size (1 oz)

Seems like CM has a copy cat and this is Michelle's Ode to Copy Cats. LOL

This is a fun girly scent that you will surely love!
It's a blend of lemon drops, cotton candy, caramel, raspberry and sugar!! MMMMM

Maybe if you wear it copy cats will instantly go away!! ::giggle::

I received a tiny sample of beautiful body butter in Amazing Grace scent and a sliver of shaving soap in Sweet Witches Brew!

I hate the traditional Patchouli Witches Brew so always skipped pass this scent while browsing.

I sure am glad Michelle sent me a sample because this scent is totally different from the traditional scent and is awesome!!
It's a sugary sweet concoction that makes me hungry!! LOL

Once again.....another great Cozy Moments order!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

A Little Behind....

We went out of town for the weekend so DH could interview in South Carolina. Had to make a road trip up to Clemson to show the boys the University and Football field.

I've got a lot of blog posts to create so be on the lookout!! Got Cozy Moments and Babee Rockz review posts coming soon!!


Monday, January 5, 2009

Ten Reasons I Can't Sleep at Night.....

Yes, I have insomnia.......

Yes, it's 4 minutes after 4 in the morning....

Yes, I know normal people are usually sound asleep at this time!!!

No, I didn't wake up early!! BOO!!! :(

Now, let's see.......

Ten- count 'em- 10 Reasons I can't Sleep!!

#1: Snoring Husband
#2: Husband getting up to pee too many times
#3: Lower back pain cause by the endo cysts on my ovaries
#4: Insomnia caused by stress
#5: Stress caused by uncertainty of future
#6: Did I mention the snoring husband who also gets up to pee too much??
#7: Back spasms cause by the fibro and RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis)
#8: Backlight too bright on Husband's digital clock
#9: Can't get comfy at all
#10: Did I mention the snoring thing already??

And yes I know you're thinking she must be a hypochondriac or something!!! Yes, I have fibro and RA. Have been having those two friends for about ten years now. I know I'm only 32 and it sucks!

Yes, I have endometriosis and endometriomas (cysts) on my ovaries!

No! I'm not faking!!

Gotta love my genes as my Mother and Grandmother have/had all of this too. :(

I would like nothing more than to be a normal person just for ONE full 24 hours and get a good night's sleep at normal times people should be sleeping!!

I haven't lived in San Diego in over two years now and I swear my body still runs on Pacific Standard Time!! LOL

It's 4AM and everyone in the house is asleep..... Think old Azul the fish is even asleep....

What am I doing?!?!?!

Why I've lit a candle melt (Vanilla Bean and Cinnamon from Mookie Doodle Scent Shoppe ::cough shameless plug cough::) and am sitting here bored out of my mind and wishing I could just sleep!!

Where's Mr. Sandman when ya need him?!?!?!

Oh For the Love of Fluff!!

I'm a cloth diapering Mama and it was time to update the little guy's Large stash! I can make my own diapers but didn't feel like it for this particular type of diaper I was looking for so I went to my friend Regina's trendy little cloth diaper boutique and hit the sale section!

After an hour or more of my pesky questions (thank you Regina) I finally made my choices!!

I picked the ABC wrap, Thirsties Cover and some new to me Knickernappies pockets, Blueberry AIO with Organic Velour (oooooooh....aaaaaaah) and a Thirsties AIO.

Some items needed to be drop shipped and they came super fast!

I'm trying to get a pic of all of my dipes that I ordered but I can never get them all clean at one time to take a pic. LOL

So I'm using the stock pics from the site. :P

So, I'll just start by saying that I love almost everything that I purchased!! I'll get the one I don't care for out of the way first! ;)

The one Size Wonderoos One Size Pocket diaper is definitely not going to be a favorite. It has major front panel droop and I can't get a good fitting size setting on the Doodle to save my life. Sometimes one size diapers aren't too good for us here.

Everything else is BEYOND awesome!!

The Thirsties V2 AI2 (all in two) are really great! They are stuffable and super sweet for road trips and night time use!!
Thirsties has these awesome leg gussets that contain messes and insure no leaks.

The Swaddlebees ABC wrap is one of my favorite covers by far!! It's a solid PUL cover that enables the user to wipe clean and re-use a few times before needing a washing.

Same for the Thirsties Cover!!

I LOVE the Blueberry AIO!!!
It's a moo moo print for one and I love me some moo moos. LOL and then the stuffing is thick and you can add even more stuffing in the handy pocket!!
Can't ask for more!

We got the front hook and loop style!

Also I got a couple of Knickernappies pockets and these are really great as well!! I can stuff them to my heart's content and I haven't had a leak so far!!

Regina offers competative pricing and has frequent sales!!
If you are in the market for new fluff definitely check out Babee Rockz for all your cloth diapering needs!! :D

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'm in Twisted Peppermint Heaven!!

I'm a Mint Lover and this Twisted Peppermint scent from Bath and Body Works is just an awesome smelling peppermint! mmmmmmmm

Now, I, myself am a die-hard etailer shopper/supporter being a WAHM myself but I'll give credit where credit is due in the mainstream market as well and this product line definitely deserves a mention!!

My lovely husband actually got my Christmas gifts right this year!! Ya think after 10 Christmases together he'd learn a little sooner right? LOL

Well, bless his heart he pegged it this year!! ;)

First off I get this big ole box from the UPS Man. It says Bath and Body Works on it and I grabbed a knife as fast as I could to rip the box open to see what's inside!!

There's a big gift wrapped box from BBW inside with a note on top stating Merry Christmas! I love you, Kevin.... :*) aaaaaaaaw

Inside is a Twisted Peppermint-Palooza!!!

My Sweets got me two Sugar Scrubs, a Body Lotion, a Body Spray, 2 Antibacterial Soaps, 2 Foaming Soaps!!! Whoa Baby!!!

Also, in this big box was 2 Antibacterial and 2 Foaming Soaps in Winter Candy Apple Scent (my other fave!) and 2 C.O. Bigelow Marshmallow Sundae Lip goodies!!!

Now, I have to report that this lotion right above did not want to play nice with the other guys and decided to flip his lid mid-shipment. What a gooey mess was made inside this box!! The first layer had a lotion/tissue paper paper mache thing going on and it was disgusting to clean through.

One of the scrubs had a leak and a bit of the spray was out of the bottle as well. Luckily, the rest of the goodies all had shrink wrap tops and was wrapped under this layer of goodies!

Had to make a call to the CS and got it all straightened out!! Replacements for the messed up items are en route!!

DH was really upset because he paid extra for the gift wrap and he tried his hardest to do good this Christmas! I told him no worries at all because I was happy to see he tried and a little peppermint paper mache wasn't gonna get me down- No sir-eeee!!! :) LOL

Foaming Hand Soap Addiction!!

I have an addiction! er...well, I have a ton of addictions but this is one I want to share. LOL

Pampering Delights makes this absolutely AWESOME foaming hand soap!!

I seriously wash my hands a bazillion times a day just to sniff the stuff. ;)

Pam has a really great scent list so I'm sure you're bound to find your favorite amongst them all!

A few of my faves are Black Raspberry Vanilla, Pink Sugar, Fruit Slices and Honey and Shea!!

The price is beyond reasonable and she also offers refill bottles if you already have a foamer bottle handy.
There's also organic options available! ;)

Here's the direct link to the foaming soaps:

And here's the link to the store:
Go try some today!!

I Won an Award!! Whoo Hoo!!

I won an award from


Thanks SOOOO Much!!! :D My first award! How SWEET!!

Here's the Award and Rules:

1: You must link back to the person who you received the award from.

2: You have to nominate 10 bloggers who are deserving of the award!!

I know it's gonna be hard to pick only 10 deserving blogs - I'd also like to pick everyone, however those are not the rules - plus it would take many posts to nominated everyone.

So here's my 10 nominees in no particular order:

1: Olenka at Scrapin life

2: Pam at Keeping up with Kevin, Pamela and Kayden!

3: Michelle at Cozy Moments

4: Michelle at Out of the Box Sampler

5: Back to Heather at WillowLakeScents

6: Jacklen at A Day in the Life of the Outlaw Mama

7: WendiWinn at WendiWinn: giveaway

8: Megan at Patterson Family

9: Lazy Housewife at So Not Domestic

10: FLMom at The Diaper Duty Diary to notify my winners! :P

Saturday, January 3, 2009

More Fun Soaps from MollyCoddle

These are a little different then the doughnut soaps I featured below so they get their own listing here on the Chaos Blog. LOL

Okay....first up is this totally true to life hot dog soap!
This one looks so real it's kind of freaky. lol

The bun is scented with baked bread and the weiner is scented in Bay Rum.

Etsy :: MollycoddleSoap :: Hot dog and bun soap

Next is this amusing set of FALSE TEETH!!! ROFL

I need to get a set of these to put in the guest bathroom when the in laws come over!!

I get the feeling they already think I'm a bit off and this would be just too damn funny!! LOL

Etsy :: MollycoddleSoap :: Are them my dentures - soap

And I saved my favorite for last.....

Sugar Skull Soap Set scented in Mayan Gold!

These are beautiful!!

The etailer handpaints each one individually so they are all one of a kind!!

Etsy :: MollycoddleSoap :: Sugar Skull Soap Set

Geesh! I'm Jones-in Sweets Bad Tonight!! LOL


This one is listed as Homer Simpson's Temptation:
A cake donut with sweet strawberry icing!! YUM!!
It sure is tempting me. lol

For those who prefer chocolate....Lucky for me the Dunkin Donuts is closed over here right now because I'd be so tempted to drive on through if it was opened. LOL

Yummy Dessert Soaps!! Totally Droolworthy!!

Get a napkin handy!!

These soaps will totally make you drool!!
Fudge Brownie Soap!!!! MMMMM

Ice Cream Waffle Bowl Soaps!!! YUMM-O!!

Chocolate Candy Sampler Soaps!!!

Turtle Cookie Soaps!!

Drooling yet?!?!

Sweet Cupcake Soaps!!

My favorite!!!!

There are lots more listed in this Etsy shoppe!!

As you can probably tell I'm hungry for some sweets so I only featured the foody ones for tonight!! LOL

Here's the shop link:

Arcadia Aromatics

Etsy :: SoapStore :: Natural Handmade Soap, Bath & Body Products

YAY!! Lovelee Soaps is Back on Etsy!!!

I've been anxiously awaiting the re-opening of Lovelee Soaps over at Etsy!!

And sure enough the assortment is amazing as usual!!

Check out just a few of my faves!!

Pretty little Mama Blue bird watching over her little chickie eggs!

This is sweet as can be!! :*)

This set is baby powder scented and is a total of 6.5 ounces!

Here's the direct listing:

And check out this sweet popcorn soap set!!

These are scented with Cotton Candy and you get 20 in a cute little popcorn bag!!

There are a TON more unique creations and lots would be awesome as gifts for a child!!

I'm sure you'll find your own favorites too!!