Friday, January 16, 2009

A Cozy Moments Review!!

Aaaaaah.....Love! :)

I'm a bath and body addict and one of my absolute favorite places to order from is Cozy Moments found on Etsy!!

I've ordered numerous times over the past year or more and I've NEVER been disappointed in anything I've tried!!

And let's not mention the downright awesome SNS sales Michelle has on Saturday nights!!

I recently ordered and Michelle snuck in a little sample of Pink Sugar Noel body butter and I fell in love with yet another CM scent so I had to turn around and order again during the next SNS. ;)

This time I tried a few new products as well!
And wouldn't you know with the samples I got I found another scent to add to my fave list... Thanks Michelle! :P

First up.....

Pink Sugar Noel Beautiful Body Butter
Etsy :: Pink Sugar Noel Beautiful Body Butter - with Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Jojoba Oil, and Japanese Green Tea Extract - ...

This stuff is addicting and the scent is phenomenal!
Michelle use to have a Decadent Body Butter and I really loved that formulation and was happy to try the newer one. The only difference I can really tell is that the new one feels a tad bit more silkier on the skin.

The Pink Sugar Noel scent is a mix of the Aquolina PS and Bath and Body Works VBN.
The combo works!! Smells awesome!!

Next up....

Leave-In Condtioner in Falling in Love Scent

Etsy :: Falling In Love (Philosophy Type) LEAVE-IN Hair Conditioner - with Shea Butter and Avocado Oil (5 oz)

First off...I love the Philosophy scent Falling in Love! It's one of my new favorites. I first fell in love with the scent when an online friend sent me a roll-on from CM as a gift (Thanks Janet)!!

From there I had to find the fragrance oil for myself it was just that good!
The scent is a light sweetish scent that just screams girly/feminine.

The leave in conditioner is pretty good!
It has shea butter and avocado oil added to it.

I have thick, unruly curly hair and this is nice to add after shampooing for added oomph. lol
The directions state to apply to towel dried hair and to comb through with fingertips or a comb to coat the hair from scalp to tips.

The scent lingers for a little while and my hair stays shiny and a little less frizzy.

Next... Girly Pampering Gift Set

I LOVE this set!!
This is a handy 2oz size body butter that I can easily stow away in my purse for travel!!
I am also a roll-on addict and this one is a great addition to my collection!

The scent is Pink Cotton Candy Bubblegum and it's fabulously fun!
It's another great Pink Sugar blend that is sure to please!!

And my final purchase...

Pink Copy Cat Puffs Body Splash

Etsy :: Pink Copy Cat Puffs scented Refreshing Body Splash - Perfect Purse and Travel Size (1 oz)

Seems like CM has a copy cat and this is Michelle's Ode to Copy Cats. LOL

This is a fun girly scent that you will surely love!
It's a blend of lemon drops, cotton candy, caramel, raspberry and sugar!! MMMMM

Maybe if you wear it copy cats will instantly go away!! ::giggle::

I received a tiny sample of beautiful body butter in Amazing Grace scent and a sliver of shaving soap in Sweet Witches Brew!

I hate the traditional Patchouli Witches Brew so always skipped pass this scent while browsing.

I sure am glad Michelle sent me a sample because this scent is totally different from the traditional scent and is awesome!!
It's a sugary sweet concoction that makes me hungry!! LOL

Once again.....another great Cozy Moments order!!


CozyMoments said...

Thank you so much for your awesome review, I really appreciate it! I am so happy you are enjoying your goodies!

Have a lovely day,